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TAAL Cardiac Hospital is a private tertiary hospital in Lagos Nigeria that specializes in the management of medical conditions especially cardiac, stroke and intensive care cases. Our staff are highly trained, dedicated and committed to the care of our patients.

At TAAL Cardiac Hospital in Lagos Nigeria, the health of our patient is at the forefront of our service. We provide comprehensive care. Our patients are treated as if they are members of our family. They are welcome with open arms and we give them all form of support to ensure their total healing. We have most advanced equipment for the diagnosis and management of medical cases especially cardiovascular and critical care cases. We believe in prevention and early detection of diseases. That is why we have complete cardiovascular screening plans to meet this goal.

Our Services

Best Hospital in Lagos Nigeria | Taal Specialist Hospital

TAAL Cardiac Hospital is offering Cardiovascular screening services to determine risk for improving heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) diseases and having a heart attack or stroke. 

Best Hospital in Lagos Nigeria | 7 Adeojo Street, Wemabod Estate

We offer comprehensive non-invasive diagnostic cardiovascular services for our patients. This includes consultation with one of our cardiologists as well as an ongoing evaluation and management of ……..

Best Hospital in Lagos Nigeria | 7 Adeojo Street, Wemabod Estate

We provide high quality service through a group of well-trained doctors, who have diversified training background and special interests. We aim at providing timely and quality primary health ….

TAAL Cardiac Hospital online cardiology
video consultation.
Duration: 12 minutes Fee: N10,000  
Emergency Fee: N20,000

Our Hospital

Taal Cardiac Hospital is proud to provide outstanding healthcare services to patients and families in Nigeria and around the world.